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Saltwood art

Grant McFarlane lives on the beautiful coastline of Rainbow Beach, Queensland. Working with wood for over 30 years, Grant thoroughly enjoys the natural beauty and character of the timber and how each piece is unique. His wooden fish creations are all produced from only Australian timbers that are well seasoned and environmentally sourced. Grant's designs let the natural grains and aging of the wood become the star of each work. Often contemporary materials, such as recycled and found objects, are incorporated in his works, creating juxtapositions between new and old. Previously, Grant has created custom designs incorporating materials such as old fishing reels, knives and objects that have been passed down through families. Stainless steel and different types of acrylics, urethane and metallic paints are also employed to showcase the natural beauty of the wood.

Rainbow Beach
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'JILARTY' Café, Rainbow Beach
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