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Your Sanctuary Interior Design

“Some people are dubious about hiring an Interior Designer. They fear they will be steered in a direction they don’t like. I believe that it is my job to interpret your brief and look at what works for you, the space and the budget. I see a new space as an opportunity for improving my client’s everyday life rather than a chance to showcase my skill set.” – Marylouise As an Interior Designer, my job is to work with you and your budget to give your space the look and feel you are craving. The idea is to ease you into the creating process and to design a space that has soul, function and beauty. Having over 20 years experience and a Diploma in Interior Design, I have learnt not to get caught up in fads, to trust and know the style needed and the confidence to carry out the project with fearless clarity. This is not an expensive process – I can come to your home or office and spend an hour with you for as little as $55.00. In fact, hiring a professional can eliminate costly mistakes and interruption to your business and your life. Different people contact me for a variety of reasons and all with a budget of some kind. Whether you are redesigning, renovating or redecorating, Marylouise from Your Sanctuary Interior Design will help you to create a beautiful haven you will love to return to.

12 Andrew Street, Gympie
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